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Welcome to the MFMA martial arts society!

The MFMA is a global martial arts school with students worldwide. The MFMA welcomes all levels of ability and all styles of martial arts. The MFMA is perfect for complete beginners, and existing experts in the martial arts.

The MFMA specialises in home study martial arts video courses. You can learn from beginner to black belt and beyond with our critically acclaimed courses. Video testing is free, and we also use the honour system for rank advancement, which is popular with experienced martial artists.

In the MFMA, you can learn martial arts from home, teach your friends and family, and learn without limits! No pressure, competition or prejudice. Some of our students even go on to open their own Dojos. In many martial arts schools, you are constantly being told what you cannot do. In the MFMA, we encourage and enable people to reach their potential and beyond.

Thank you for visiting our website. For a free catalogue, please click here.


We look forward to having you join as our latest member.


Have a fantastic day!


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