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 The MFMA has students worldwide: everyone over 18 is welcome to join us.

The MFMA is unique among martial arts clubs, as we welcome all styles and levels of ability. You don't even have to be a martial artist to join us. Some simply want to join our club to belong, and that's fine with us. In the MFMA, the more the merrier.

The difference between the MFMA and most of the other martial arts clubs online is the level of tuition. Learn from a Grand Master who has trained hundreds of people worldwide. Simple to learn, yet hard to master, the MFMA styles are a superb challenge. And, existing instructors in other styles enjoy being able to open a new club, teaching our MFMA styles.

With the MFMA, the standard has been set. All are welcome to join and learn from us. Feel free to browse our special offers, and be sure to check for any updates we have.

To download a FREE CATALOGUE, please click here.

For special offers, please click the MFMA EBAY button at the top of the page.

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